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Favorite Bathroom Designs of 2012

Being the first post of the New Year, I am changing it up a little (a lot) on the Blog.  Last year I felt like I was recreating the same information from the Website for the Blog... it was getting old trying to make the same information look and sound different.  Then it hit me after looking at some other blogs that this would be the perfect place for sharing the personal side of anything and everything that I love about bathrooms and baths!

The New Year seems like a great time to start, a new beginning for the Gentle Bath Blog.  I've rewritten the Blog description and from now on, the blog will be uniquely different from the information from the  store. Here is where I'll share what I like, what catches my eye, what products I'm using at home and any bath-related tips or tricks that I learn or try.  I am crazy about everything and anything bath, I live and breathe  bath design, bath & body, bath fixtures, bath towels and bath accessories - you name it - I love it.  What better way to share all of that but with this blog! 

To start the New Year and "New" Blog, I'd like to share some of my favorite Bath Designs of 2012.  When we redesigned the store I looked through hundreds of bath designs to use in our Shop by Color and Shop by Design categories.  Not all of them made it to the store, so this is the perfect place to share a few more of the Bath Designs that I loved from last year!  Enjoy!

Attic Bathroom with Big Skylight

White Attic Bath with Big Skylight

This makes me want to have an attic so I could add a bathroom like this to it!  I love all the natural light and the storage that they tucked in the wall.  Very clever too, how they placed both sinks across from each other - very unique layout.  Source:  Better Homes & Gardens-Skylight Eves

Bathroom with Blue & White Wallpaper

Blue and White Bathroom with Pedestal Sinks

I love Blue and White!  This was the runner up bathroom photo for the "Blue Category" at our store.  It was a hard choice, but we only had room for one.  I collect blue & white china, and I am a sucker for anything blue and white.  Of course this bathroom caught my eye!  I usually don't  like wallpaper either, but I could live with it in this bathroom! Source: Country Living-Traditional Bath

All Grown Up in Peach

Peach colored Master Bathroom with Arch

This was the runner up for the "Orange" category and in fact, I liked it better than the one we used.  The only reason it didn't make  it was that the other bath was a true Orange color.  I am not a big fan of orange, but this one really appealed to me.  The way that they built the arch over the bathtub is GORGEOUS!  Plus, I love the lead glass windows and all the white woodwork and cabinets.  The overall effect is so light and airy, that I would gladly take the peach color if I could have this bathroom!  BTW - this is not even Master Bathroom - it was designed for teen girls to share!  If I had this when I was a teen - I don't know if I would have ever moved out!  Source: Better Homes & Garden-All Grown Up

Traditional Red & White Master Bathroom

Red and White Elegant Master Bathroom

This is one of the only "true red" bathroom designs that I have seen, and I love it!!!.  Most of the "red" bathrooms are dark burgundy, dark and overbearing or dated or usually both.  When I saw this, I fell in love.  Red IS one of my favorite colors and this is my style and taste 100%.  For a red bathroom, it is so light and bright and not at all overwhelmed by too much red.  It has just enough to give it pizzazz!!  I would love love love to have that ottoman by my tub.  It looks so comfy to sit on before and after a bath.  I love the Chandelier, the cabinets, the way they framed the mirror in molding and the curve of the arch over the mirror - it's all the little details that add up to a great bathroom design!  This bath is a frequent pin on Pinterest and no wonder!  This is one of my all-time favorite  bathrooms!   Source: Better Homes & Gardens: Red Traditional Bathroom

Seafoam Green Traditional Master Bathroom

Seafoam Green Traditional Master Bathroom

This color, Seafoam Green, has been one of the most popular colors for bathrooms the past year or so.  I can tell how popular it's been because we have four bath towel collections that each have a version of the color in it.  What better color could you have for a bath-a combination of blue and green, both of which are calming, relaxing colors, a perfect color for a bathroom.  This color is beautiful with gray and that combination is very popular as well.  I always gravitate to bathrooms of this color and have about ten bathroom photos all in Seafoam.   Hmmmm... that gives me an idea, I think a Seafoam Bath Collection may be coming to the blog in the future!   Source: Better Homes and Gardens: Seafoam Master Bathroom

Neutral Color Master Bathroom

Traditional White Master Bathroom

And the last bathroom is an all neutral Master Bathroom.  One of the most common color bathroom design is a pure neutral.  No color but still stunning with a soft beige wall color accented by cream cabinets and grey marble.  A more serene, calming bathroom would be hard to find.  This elegant bath caught my eye with it's simple, soft color scheme.  I love the the cabinet work in it as well, a lot of detail add interest to basically a monochrome bath design. The tile work also has a subtle but elegant detailed edge, again this room shows how much of a difference all the little detail make in the overall design.  This room's color scheme could by bland and boring if it weren't for all the elegant details. Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Thanks again for visiting the Gentle Bath Blog, Beat wishes for a Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing my passion for bathrooms with all of you.  Up next... a Gentle Bath Christmas at our house this year!  

Until next time,

The Gentle Bath & Company

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