Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Gentle Bath Christmas...

You might think that our family gets new towels all the time...  not true!  The truth is our current towels were about 3 years old, and in good shape, so it is hard to justify replacing them just "because" we have some new bath towels in stock.

This year we brought in a number of new Bath Towel Collections and as always, I test out a towel or two prior to stocking them.  Although all of the new collections were nice, I just could not resist a few of them and so I decided we would treat our entire family to new Bath Towels this year.

We gave our two boys each a set of the KassaDesign Towels.  They are so affordable that I got them each a Bath Sheet instead of a Bath Towel in their set too.  Since I had the Holiday Hand Towels embroidered at a local shop, I also had the boys towels monogrammed as well.  I think they turned out beautifully and was very happy with them.  I know that no teen boy has Bath Towels on their Christmas List, mine included, but after the luke-warm reception, I saw a lot of enjoyment when they actually began to use them!  They were  one of those gifts, that a Mom knows eventually they will enjoy, and that they did.

The Boy's KassaDesign Towel Sets in Garnet Red with Navy Monogramming
Note: They appear brighter red than they are due to the flash.  They are a true
dark Garnet Red, more like the towel color in the right corner.

For our Master Bathroom, I picked out the Belaire Bath Towel Collection.  I was so intrigued by their Quick Dry properties, and the sample Hand Towel that I had been using was the softest towel I had ever felt.  I just had to see what using a Bath Towel was like.  I was curious about the quick dry feature so I timed them the first time to see how long they took to dry.  For a six-piece set it took only 38 minutes to completely dry! That is really good for our dryer and I was very impressed, but how would they feel?  That was my big test.

Belaire Bath Towels in Crystal Blue.  Six piece set with the regular size Bath Towels.
They have been washed and dried once before this picture was taken.
Not to be disappointed, I was even more impressed with their soft plush feel!  The first time I used them, it felt like I was wrapped up in a big fluffy cloud!  They are so thick and so plush but at the same time so light, if I had in my mind a perfect feeling for a towel, they would be it!  I think that it is a big accomplishment to get this much plushness and softness in a towel this light!  Not to mention the short drying time.  Kudos to Kassatex for sure, this collection is a big WINNER!

Our other set of  MBR bath towels, the Kassasoft Supima in the Ocean Blue.
They are now my 2nd runner-up in softness & plushness from our Kassatex
Collections.  Just knocked out of my first place by the Belaire Collection!  

I have to now put the Belaire in first place for softness, next to the Supima in second place, then tied for third would be the Elegance and the Bamboo.  I started my store with the Bamboo Collection by Kassatex, and that is still a big seller, but there is a new kid in town, and it will be interesting to see if the Belaire catches the fire that Bamboo has had now for five years!

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