Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Featured Bath Inspiration

Montana Mountain Retreat

This Week's Bath Inspiration:

This week's new addition to our BATHROOM DESIGN GALLERY is the Montana Mountain Retreat.  This bathroom is a stunning example of Rustic Design in which warm colors and natural materials dominate.  Our featured bathroom inspiration comes straight from the mountains of Montana where it's designers and owners presently reside.  Our hats off to them for showing us this outstanding example of how "Rustic Design" can be done in an elegant and luxurious manner.

Elements of Style:

No detail in this bathroom was overlooked.  Everything down to the door and the floor say Rustic! The warm tones, natural surfaces, dark fixtures, and simple accessories give this room the warm, cozy look that one would expect to see in any luxury mountain retreat. The red wallpaper and dark wood siding blend seamlessly with the dark counters, sinks and fixtures. Even the barn-style door complements the over-all design. This bathroom is the complete opposite of the bright and airy style bathrooms that are so popular right now but it certainly demonstrates that there are other design alternatives that are just as attractive!

Get the Look:

To achieve a rustic look in your bathroom use darker colors, wood furnishings and natural materials wherever possible. Natural material counter-tops, dark fixtures, colored bath linens and simple bath accessories are ways to introduce the rustic elements to your room. A pop of color can be added to provide contrast to all the dark tones with the use of wallpaper, paint, bath linens or accessories. A hint of white or a other light color with the use of candles, light fixtures or bath accessories - adds some light to the overall dark design.  If you LOVE Rustic Design or live in the Montana area, see more similar designs at Design Associates Interiors, the design firm that created this stunning room and a whole lot more.

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