Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Chemical-Free Bathroom Cleaning Guide

I love my bathroom! I love relaxing in the tub after a long day, wrapping up in a big fluffy towel afterwards, taking time to primp, put on make-up, just about everything I do in there I love, that is except for one thing - CLEANING IT!  I don't know if anyone likes that job, but is it one that must to done and done often!
I am going to share my tips and tricks for keeping my bathroom clean - with minimal effort and chemicals.

One of my secret weapons in cleaning my bath and keeping it clean are my microfiber cloths.  I have never found another product that does so much for so little. They wipe, they clean, they SHINE, all without a lot of effort and leaving practically no lint.  I buy them by the dozen and always have a few of them tucked away somewhere in every bathroom.

Now you can use microfiber cloths with any bathroom cleaning product and they will work great, but I like to combine them with a steam cleaner for a sparking, sanitized bathroom every time.  I have found that using a steam cleaner is just as easy as using a whole bucket of various bathroom cleaners and I like that steam is totally chemical-free.  I have always hated the scents of strong cleaning products and started using a steam cleaner as a way to avoid them.  Then, when I combined the steam-cleaner with microfiber cloths - well, let's just say I felt like I hit the cleaning jack-pot.  My bathroom has never sparkled as bright with such minimal effort.

I have also found that I can maintain that sparkle much longer if keep a microfiber cloth handy in each bathroom and use it daily to wipe up any messes.  Just a few wipes a day can really extend the time between needing to steam clean the entire room. You can use them for any surface, and they really put a shine back in your bathroom in just a few minutes day.  I change my microfiber towels every day or so and every week I wash them all and start right back over again. No muss - no fuss!... 

If you have never used a steam cleaner, I highly recommend them. I posted an article from Houzz below - "Easy Green: Steam Cleaners for a Chemical-Free Sparkle" that talks about selecting one for purchase and some general tips on using one.  I have found them very easy and effective in cleaning and especially in the bathroom!

If you would like to read the complete article "Steam Wipe Sparkle" you can find it on our website in the Articles & Buying Guides Section.  It contains the materials and step-by-step instructions to cleaning your bathroom with a steam cleaner and microfiber cloths. I hope you have enjoyed our Tuesday's Tip!

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