Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Look! Abbott Bee & Dragonfly Motif Collections

Country/Cottage Style Bathroom Accessory Collections

I know it's been awhile and I apologize for my tardiness in posting!  I have been so busy getting our Abbott Home & Bath Accent Collections listed in the store and unpacked and that has taken every free moment I had. Today is my (and yours) First Look at two of the collections from the Country Chic & Cottage Decor category.  There are two large Country/Cottage Style Room Accessories Collections from Abbott, the Bee Motif Collection and the Dragonfly Motif Collection.

The Bee Motif Collection is a cream colored glazed ceramic and the cream color is on the "warm side".  After trying a number of our towel colors with it I thought it looked the most fabulous with our warmer colors (i.e. Elegance Sunshine & Thyme)  Here are some of the Bee Motif Collection items - the Soap Dish and Taper Vase on our Jumbo Bathtub Caddy. I use a canister or cache pot for my toiletries, so I used the Taper Vase for them for the photo to see how it worked.  Of course you could use the Taper Vase for flowers or plants as well - it holds one standard 4" growers pots.  The Mirror is our Jerdon 5x Vanity Mirror in Chrome and the Bath Towels are the Sunshine and Thyme from the Elegance Collection. Those colors looked so springtime fresh - especially with the flowers below that I grabbed from our living room for the photos!

Abbott Bee Motif Taper Vase and Soap Dish
Bee Motif Soap Dish & Taper Vase

The Bee Motif Pedestal Vase below would be a nice focal piece if you have a nice large space for it in a room.  It would give  height to any area, especially if you add the taller silk flowers.  It certainly doesn't need much with it to fill up any large corner or counter area!  I paired it with the Bee Motif Votive Cup and that was really all that it needed for the large tile corner space by our tub.

Bee Motif Pedestal Vase and Votive Cup
A bird's eye view of some of the Bee Motif items together so you can get an ideas of their proportions in the room and to each other.  I did not expect the cream collection to look as nice as it did in our bathroom because everything is already mostly cream colored, but by adding more color with the flowers and the towels they actually looked amazing!  

Bee Motif Cream Ceramic Accessory Collection by Abbott now available at www.GentleBath.com
The Dragonfly Motif Collection is a gorgeous Turquoise or "Celadon" glazed ceramic and the color was amazing in our bathroom.  Our valances have a similar color and the Turquoise just popped on the cream tiles. With also have pale yellow walls and the color was just perfect with them as well.  Unfortunately the light was fading and these photos do not do them justice.  I paired them with our Belaire Collection in Crystal Blue and White, the Crystal Blue is almost a perfect match, and both the Pristine (Cream) and White Towels looked equally nice as a contrast to the Turquoise.  

Dragonfly Votive Cup & Pedestal Vase

Below is the Dragonfly Motif Cache Pot and Soap Dish on the Jumbo Caddy.  I thought it would be nice for you to see the difference between the Taper Vase above and this Cache Pot below.  I always use a ceramic canister on my caddy to hold my skin care products and the Cache Pot held them all and then some. It is quite a bit wider than the taper vase and it also holds a standard 6" growers pot in it.  In this photo especially you can see the quality of the Celadon glaze and how deep the shine is.  It almost looks like a mirror on the Cache Pot, and I was not using a flash!

Dragonfly Soap Dish and Cache Pot

Below is the Dragonfly Motif Rectangular Planter which works beautifully on the counter with towels or on the tank-top with toilet paper.  It would also be a nice storage box for curling irons and blow dryers as it is very resistant to heat. And of course it would be beautiful with live plants or flowers!  It holds two 6" standard size growers pots. It is also available in the cream Bee Motif Collection.

Lastly is a panoramic view of some of the Dragonfly Motif Collection including the tumbler, which I did not show with the Bee Motif (but is available).  On the counter I had the Rectangular Planter holding the White Belaire Hand Towels.  You can again see the beautiful shine in these photos and the deep rich Celadon glaze.  I have to say - they look even better in person!

Dragonfly Motif (L to R) Rectangular Planter, Tumbler, Pedestal Planter
Next week I will highlight our next Abbott Collection, Glass Decor & Storage.  I can hardly wait to play with them and show you what they can do!  That category includes Glass Storage Canisters, Glass Candle Holders and Hurricanes!  I opened a few yesterday and they are realllllly nice!  

There are a total of SIX NEW Abbott Decor Accents Categories in our store.  They include Country & Cottage Decor (including the Bee & Dragonfly Motif Collections from todayGlass Decor & Storage, Coastal Decor, Parisian Inspired Accents, Soap Dishes & Soaps and Wall Hooks & Signs.  I am so excited to be able get them all out and "play" with them and show you what they look like.  I hope you enjoyed our First Look at the some of the items from the Country Chic & Cottage Decor category.  Please excuse my photo quality, I wanted to get these up today and took them rather quickly!  They have some wonderful decor accents for your bathroom or really any room in your home.  Visit our store to see them all now and more!  See you here next week with more NEW items from Abbott!

Happy Soaking,

Brenda Collins
The Gentle Bath & Company

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