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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Smart Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Storage-Packed Small Bathroom Makeover

Smart bathroom planning keeps necessities handy -- and out of the way. An organizer on the closet door and tiled shower niches make use of often unused space. Keep towels and toiletries within reach with a pullout drawer and a double-bin organizer.

Decluttered Wonder

This bathroom closet was a mishmash of toiletries, hair accessories, makeup, and jewelry. The deep shelves were great for storing lots of items, but things frequently got lost in the back. Adding bins, baskets, and trays transforms this closet into the bathroom’s command center.

Use Unexpected Spaces

Maximize a small space by using every available surface. A door organizer -- originally intended as a spice rack for the kitchen -- is perfect for smaller toiletries in bottles and jars and makes use of otherwise wasted space.

Keep Cleaning Supplies High

Place cleaning supplies on the top shelf. Why? Here they are easily accessible but out of reach for children and animals. Storing cleaning supplies in plastic bins protects other items in the closet from potential spills. This bin features a solid bottom and decorative cutouts on the sides.

Organize Small Items

Create Easy Access

Frequently used items are easy to reach in the middle section of the closet. Hooks on the sides of the lower shelf hold jewelry and other accessories. Interlocking trays Keep tiny items from getting lost. A woven basket offers a tidy place to hold larger items.

Add a Pullout Drawer

Deep shelves are great for storing lots of items, but make it hard to find items stashed in the back. A pullout drawer makes it easy to reach everything on the shelf. This small wood drawer was originally intended for the kitchen, but installing it in the bathroom is both clever and cost-effective. Add jars or bins to hold small items in the drawer.

Install Wastebasket for Hamper

Toss Items in a Hamper

Keep dirty towels and clothes off the floor with a two-basket pull-out hamper on the lower shelf. Designed for the kitchen, this double wastebasket makes a perfect laundry hamper. The units pull out from the cabinet, making it easy to load and unload on laundry day.

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